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In contrast to the 40% food waste in America, 1 in 6 Cuyahoga County citizens experience food insecurity and are at risk of going hungry. The Food Rescue Program offers nutritious food options to our vulnerable neighbors. Our volunteer corps recovers edible food items, such vegetables and bread, from our network of donor partners by utilizing the user-powered Food Rescue Hero app. Our non-profit partner recipients who live within 5 to 10 miles of the contribution source are given access to fresh food choices thanks to these gifts. Food that would have otherwise gone to waste is used by organizations including head start programs, recovery homes, transitional homes, health clinics, hunger centers, and food pantries to feed its patrons and clients who struggle with food insecurities.

We can be certain that we are serving needs where they are by using our direct transfer model. No food is wasted and no one goes hungry as a result. Volunteers contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions by carrying food across short distances. The electricity needed to store food is generated by sources that release greenhouse gases. Direct transfers from food donors to nonprofit partners eliminate the need for extra journeys to storage facilities or the energy used to keep food chilled for extended periods of time. Food Rescue reduces overall carbon emissions by cutting out this step of the process.

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For over 25 years, Hunger Network has worked to end hunger and create a healthier community. Hunger Network, one of Cuyahoga County's largest emergency food providers, continues to lead the way through innovation and unconventional approaches to serving our neighbors in need.

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