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Offering a range of services and activities aimed at educating, employing, and empowering people with disabilities.

Students in Cafeteria


In order for all of us to experience the joy of learning, the power of employment, the freedom of independent living, and the self-confidence to pursue our ambitions, F.U.T.U.R.E. educates, employs, and empowers kids, adults, and veterans with disabilities or similar needs.


Workplace Readiness Training for People with Disabilities

The F.U.T.U.R.E. program assists people with disabilities in developing behaviors and job skills that will lead to paid, entry-level employment in vocational areas such as retailing and hospitality, using our on-site retail store.

The program lasts anywhere from four to five months, depending on the needs and development of each individual. It operates 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday.

Working alone and in small groups, individuals concentrate on:

  • Interpersonal Competence - interacting effectively with coworkers and managers

  • Skills in Communication - paying attention, speaking clearly, and implementing instructions

  • Multitasking - working on a variety of projects and in a diverse range of teams

  • Efficiency - completing tasks swiftly and precisely, and meeting deadlines

  • Coordinating Strategies - establishing priorities and executing the tasks assigned

  • Fixing issues - deciding and accepting accountability

  • Personal Aesthetics - hygienic practices and professional attire

  • Attendance and reliability - arriving on time every day and maintaining consistent attendance

Students who complete the training program successfully are referred to Employment Services and assigned to a Placement Specialist. The Placement Specialist will work with them to improve their job-seeking skills, assist with job development, and guide them through the first 90 days of successful employment.

All of our training programs are based on the expertise of a Business Advisory Council, which is comprised of local employers who are experts in the relevant training area. Curriculum development, practice interviews, workshops, resume building, and, when possible, employment of program participants are all responsibilities of the advisors.


Together lets facilitate the emergence of an inclusive, more accessible world for everyone.


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